Thursday, February 2, 2017

SABBAT - Imbolc

I found this image from pixabay to be so serene. As Imbolc is anchored in candles and the Goddess, Brigid, this picture called to be downloaded and shared with you.

While I'm really focusing on practicing the craft and spirituality, I am still getting caught last minute with 'oh, it's Imbolc' kind of moments. So I'm holding ritual tonight with bare bones of supplies. Candles I have. LOTS of candles and in the appropriate colors. I need to find an altar cloth combo in White and Red.

I did get up this morning and start cleaning like a mad woman. LOL I warned Bob ahead of time and let him now that I was on a cleaning spree. By the time I sink into the ritual bath this evening I will have the laundry caught up and my altar area spiffy.

I did stop at a flower shop yesterday and purchase flowers in white and yellow. I have two white carnations, a yellow spider mum and a yellow rose backed by a sprig of leather leaf.

When I asked Bob to get a vase down for me, I needed one with a wide enough mouth to hold the five stems. The only one I had that had a bulbus bottom I really didn't trust on the altar when Spirit Kitty decides he needs to investigate the changes I make there. Bob reaches down a wine bottle. Yes, I believe the vessel is perfect for this occasion.

My word for this year is RESET. I just want to hit the reset button on my life. My plan is to rid myself of things I don't need to do and focus on the things that will bring me joy. Imbolc is the perfect Sabbat for me to set things in motion. My other plan for tonight is to charge the ruler I'll be using to tear the edges of my BOS pages as well as consecrate my new tarot deck (you'll see that post tomorrow). 

When I'm finished with ritual tonight, I'll make notes about the tools I would like to have on hand for the next Sabbat as well as for Imbolc next year.

May Brigid join you this Sabbat and your intentions prosper throughout the year. 
Blessed Be

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