Monday, October 2, 2017

TOOLS - Techy Witch

I'm a traditionalist by most standards. I use hard copy planners, read print books over eBook and prefer curling up in bed or my chair with an actual television as opposed to streaming something on my tablet.

That said, I do have apps on my phone that I love. MOON PHASES by BHMedia is one of my favorite apps. I believe it's only for IOS  There are several similar apps ranging from Free to less than $3.00 Many of the Free appear to have in-purchase options that upgrade what you have available to you in the app.

I can look at any given day and see the moon phase, including the percentage, moon rise/ set time, coordinating zodiac sign and how many nights until the next quarter and Full Moon.

The app also gives information for the best hunting/ fishing, weather/ humidity/ wind and sun data. One of my favorite parts of the app is the Planting view. This part shows what plants are best for planting in the current phase as well as what you should avoid doing up until the next full moon phase.

Is there an app you like to use in your Magickal arsenal? I love checking out new things that I can add to my cabinet - portable or otherwise.

Monday, September 11, 2017

TOOLS - BOS Part 1

This was my table the day of the Solar Eclips. I covered the table with a 100% cotton cloth, then topped that with the marine vinyl that will be the cover. The two layers helped protect the papers and other items I have to make the Book of Shadows.
Aside from the almost 500 pg ream of a Nenah paper in a vintage-toned vanilla, I have the tube for the spine, heavy cording for the spine accent, and a couple of crystal dishes with metal embellishments such as protective corners and clasps. I used my crystal to weight the paper down and give it a nice charge at the same time. The other important piece to this project is the  dual deckle-edged ruler from PLAID. Sadly, this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer but you may find one on Ebay...

I've divided my ream of paper by the number of days between now and Sanhaim. If I tear 10 pages a day, that will have the entire ream done in time to put the BOS together a couple of days before.

Tearing the pages doesn't take as long as you might think. But I guess the first question you may be asking is "why are you tearing the edges?" Good question. I've always loved that rough torn edge to old books and I wanted to bring that touch of age to my Book of Shadows. 

I am taking 1/4" off of each of three sides - the top/ bottom and right hand.

I position the edge of the paper at the 1/4" mark then lay the ruler along the closest inch mark. Two tips: 
1) Keep a firm press on the ruler at each point you're tearing as you move along the dge
2) Tear straight up, not out. Pulling the paper out can dislodge the paper from underneath the ruler. 

I've put this week's stack on my worktable in alternating sets of 10. If I get a few extra moments, I may tear another set. I think tearing each set once I got into the feel took less than 5 minutes. 

Next week, I'll show you some of the stamp sets I'll be using to decorate the pages. Stampin' UP! has released two very cool Halloween sets in their Holiday 2017 catalog. Being a demonstrator allows me to pick them up at a discount. Can't beat that!


Sunday, August 20, 2017


Today is the much anticipated day for a large track across the United States. People booked hotel rooms in the direct path of the eclipse a year ago. Some rural areas have opened their fields (for a nominal fee) to accommodate people traveling from miles away and pitching tents for the brief period of time when Moon will pass in front of Sun. While the journey will take some time, the total eclipse will last just under two minutes, if I'm not mistaken. But that two minutes will be magical.

Did you know that solar eclipses only occur during the New Moon? Makes sense, I'd just never given it much thought.

New Moon Magick applies here, yet I believe the phenomenon will create an incredible power.  I've chosen this event to charge my Book of Shadow items - yes finally! Hey, it's been a crazy year.

The grandgirls leave in 8 days. Just does not seem possible our summer is coming to a close. While the youngest is ready to see mommy and daddy, the oldest - my heart - doesn't want to leave. Watching her go is going to be so hard yet I'll have to try not to cry as the separation will only be that much harder on her. I'm crying as I type this so yeah, going to be rough.

While the 5 yr old won't grasp the significance of today's event, the eldest is excited. We've watched the video below with great information:

The fact that this hasn't happened across the US since 1776 makes this truly an astronomical event. 

I've heard many people planning to use Welder's Goggles.  These are NOT rated high enough.  Those are for cutting torch use. You need something rated at a 14 to view the eclipse safely. Welding helmets will work. I own three. Well, we originally only owned 2 but I could not find a pair of glasses in Springfield this week at all. I heard Hyvee got in 4,000 pair on Thursday night and they were gone in two hours. Yeah, I know I should have ordered them sooner. Just never sure about ordering something like that and having the product be safe. As to local purchase, not in our small town and I didn't think about them when we were in the city. So Welding Helmets it is. 

Please share your eclipse experience in the comments. I'd love to hear of any spell work you did or where you traveled from to be in the path.


Monday, July 31, 2017


.... and so does my time with the girls.

Again, not enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do with them. In the last couple of days, a cold front has moved through, leaving us with less humid days and gorgeous evenings for garden wandering.

Gardening is one of Adrian's favorite things to do. She checks the tomatoes first thing after breakfast each morning. Yesterday, she filled a 1/2-sized buffet pan so this morning I'll be showing her how they go from garden to canning jar. I figure I'll have about six wide-mouth pints.

I was her age (9) when my dad and 'step'mom got custody of me. That was in May. By August I was learning how to wash the canning jars in a big galvanized wash tub out in the yard. I had a dishcloth on the end of a butter knife to get down into the jar all the way. I got the first two washes... one to wash the storage dirt out of them, the next to get them super-clean ... followed by a cool rinse (this broke up the soap particles) then a warm rinse. From there, Mom put them into another tub full of super hot water to rest until she was ready to put food into them for canning.

I'll be starting with fresh jars so they'll just need a rinse and scald but she can wash the tomatoes before I put them into the boiling water to slip the skins. I figure every summer that she's able to visit, she'll learn a bit more.

One thing Adrian is anticipating is the Solar Eclipse that occurs on August 21st. We are just a slip off the main track, meaning we will see the eclipse at about 98%. Grandpa got out his 2 welding helmets and I have a high spot picked out for us to have a picnic in the bed of the truck and wait for the temporary dark to fall. I'm really excited to share this phenomenal experience with my girls. Abby won't get it, but Adrian loves anything having to do with being out of doors.

Speaking of the girls, they should be waking up soon. Even though we're in the mid-west, I've kept them on Pacific NorthWest time so their sleeping schedules are not messed up when they go back home a few days prior to starting school.

Getting to the computer for blogging is not a priority these days as you can see, and hopefully understand. However, later in the week I'll show you some visitors to our yard.

Many Blessings

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


I'm having way too much fun to spend time on the computer. Of course, their mom asked if I'd do some summer school stuff with them. Crafting, playing, schooling... pretty much makes up our daytime hours.

By 9 p.m. most nights the girls and I are snuggled in our king-sized bed watching their favorite shows - together. This gives me a chance to see what they like and giggle right along with them. At 10 p.m., Abby (age 5) goes to her bed and Adrian (age 9) gets 30 more minutes with me... sometimes an entire hour depending on the show. She likes to watch CHOPPED with me.. but really, I think it's just an excuse to cuddle with me a bit longer. It's what we do and when we have our best chats.

Adrian is at that age where young lady blessings will enter her life. Her mom is good about stuff like that but I'm pretty sure there are times when she'll want to talk to grandma. Thank the Goddess for technology.

I'm looking forward to a Full Moon later this week. I hope to set some things out to absorb a bit of moon energy... if the rains will hold off. I've not forgotten my BOS project. Just not enough hours in the day... though I did plant extra Thyme in the garden last week. ;-)


Monday, May 1, 2017


I remember being in Second Grade in Longmont Elementary School - Longmont CO and being taught the Maypole in the school gymnasium. I can't say for sure but with all of the restrictions on learning culture and history, I think I'm safe to bet my granddaughter isn't enjoying the same experience tomorrow.

The Maypole tradition is thousands of years old. For many this ceremony is part of MidSummer otherwise known as Beltane.  The tradition various from region to region.

For me, when I see the Maypole I see a strong tree, sprouting with new growth, representing all the colors of the populace that make up our world. Men and Women, Boys and Girls of all walks of life and ethnicity working together towards a common goal... Unity.

I'd love for you to share your thoughts.

And if you're feeling a bit mischievous, feel free to fill a basket of flowers and leave on someone's door, ring their doorbell then run!

Many Blessings!

Monday, April 24, 2017


Did you do anything 'special' on Saturday? For me, Earth Day is every day. I strive to recycle as much as possible, give back to Mother Earth and treat her well.

The past few days have been wet, windy, cold, icky. And I have a sore throat to prove it. Grr. Lots of honey when I get back home. I've been in the city since Thursday. Today, before I head home I'm stopping at Lowes in hopes of picking up strawberry plants. The row is ready for them. 56' row to be exact. That will hold approximately 34 plants. My next project will be to get a second row ready to transplant the runners over to. If I'm blessed, then next year I should have lots of strawberries. Well, providing the deer and bunnies don't find them first. ;-) I don't mind sharing with the critters but I wish they'd feel the same. LOL

Are you planting a garden? What's on your planting list? If you post pics, please link in the comments section.