Tuesday, July 4, 2017


I'm having way too much fun to spend time on the computer. Of course, their mom asked if I'd do some summer school stuff with them. Crafting, playing, schooling... pretty much makes up our daytime hours.

By 9 p.m. most nights the girls and I are snuggled in our king-sized bed watching their favorite shows - together. This gives me a chance to see what they like and giggle right along with them. At 10 p.m., Abby (age 5) goes to her bed and Adrian (age 9) gets 30 more minutes with me... sometimes an entire hour depending on the show. She likes to watch CHOPPED with me.. but really, I think it's just an excuse to cuddle with me a bit longer. It's what we do and when we have our best chats.

Adrian is at that age where young lady blessings will enter her life. Her mom is good about stuff like that but I'm pretty sure there are times when she'll want to talk to grandma. Thank the Goddess for technology.

I'm looking forward to a Full Moon later this week. I hope to set some things out to absorb a bit of moon energy... if the rains will hold off. I've not forgotten my BOS project. Just not enough hours in the day... though I did plant extra Thyme in the garden last week. ;-)


Monday, May 1, 2017


I remember being in Second Grade in Longmont Elementary School - Longmont CO and being taught the Maypole in the school gymnasium. I can't say for sure but with all of the restrictions on learning culture and history, I think I'm safe to bet my granddaughter isn't enjoying the same experience tomorrow.

The Maypole tradition is thousands of years old. For many this ceremony is part of MidSummer otherwise known as Beltane.  The tradition various from region to region.

For me, when I see the Maypole I see a strong tree, sprouting with new growth, representing all the colors of the populace that make up our world. Men and Women, Boys and Girls of all walks of life and ethnicity working together towards a common goal... Unity.

I'd love for you to share your thoughts.

And if you're feeling a bit mischievous, feel free to fill a basket of flowers and leave on someone's door, ring their doorbell then run!

Many Blessings!

Monday, April 24, 2017


Did you do anything 'special' on Saturday? For me, Earth Day is every day. I strive to recycle as much as possible, give back to Mother Earth and treat her well.

The past few days have been wet, windy, cold, icky. And I have a sore throat to prove it. Grr. Lots of honey when I get back home. I've been in the city since Thursday. Today, before I head home I'm stopping at Lowes in hopes of picking up strawberry plants. The row is ready for them. 56' row to be exact. That will hold approximately 34 plants. My next project will be to get a second row ready to transplant the runners over to. If I'm blessed, then next year I should have lots of strawberries. Well, providing the deer and bunnies don't find them first. ;-) I don't mind sharing with the critters but I wish they'd feel the same. LOL

Are you planting a garden? What's on your planting list? If you post pics, please link in the comments section.


Monday, April 10, 2017

FULL MOON - The Pink Moon

Known by multiple names, including Pink Moon, Sap Moon, Crow Moon and Lenten Moon, the April Moon is the heralding of Spring in all it's glory. Sometimes also referred to as the Easter Moon because Easter is the first Sunday following the full moon.

While the moon may not show as pink, when this beauty rises in the sky at 1:09 a.m (CST) we can truly celebrate the awakening of new growth and a fresh spirit.

We have storms in the forecast for here so I'm not sure I'll get to view the moon... but I'll know it's there and another turn has begun.

How will you celebrate the "Pink Moon"?


Friday, April 7, 2017


Last week I mentioned how the Cherry Blossom bush didn't seem affected by the freeze. Unfortunately, the entire top of the bush got hit hard, only a few blossoms on the lower half survived. I clipped the last remaining one and brought it in to enjoy the scent as long as I could. With so few of them blooming, they scent did not permeate the yard as if the whole bush would have bloomed out.

While on a business trip to Springfield last week, I found a new Tarot deck. I really liked this one as I can really impart my own energy into the deck. Seems like everything is about coloring these days and while I'm not big on the adult coloring books (they don't hold the same appeal to me as a children's color book) this, however, spoke to me. I'm looking forward to relaxing hours on the deck with the colored pencils (included, though I may use my Prisma pencils instead)

What new tools and toys are finding their way into your bag of tricks? Enable me!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


In like a lion... out like a lamb.

I'm not sure where we fall here in the Ozarks. We did have a couple of decent storms early in the month. On the 11th we had our first winter snow storm - yes our first. Our average snowfall per season is 17"... we have had 1.7" And I'm pretty sure we are done.

We've had rain, sleet, hail from pea size to soft ball in some places... but the snow is done for the year.

Potential peach crops were severely damaged by the freeze last weekend as were other budding flowers and plants.

Tulips are coming up though they've not bloomed yet. The daffodils weathered the cold pretty well and the grape hyacinth are filling the bird feeding area. The Cherry Blossom bush doesn't seem the worse for the cold and the sweet scent of the pink clusters are beginning to fill the air.

While grocery shopping last week I bought a bouquet of colored daisies in blue, white, pink and yellow. I will add a picture of them on my altar in the next day or two. I'm still battling this silly head cold and haven't done much that required leaving the recliner.

Yesterday I brought home 12 straw bales to add to the 8 or so I have in the green house. I'm anxious to clear out the decomposed bales from last year and set in the new bales for a new growing season. The composted bales will fill the potato tires and be the base for the flower beds and planters.

How have you welcomed Spring? Link up pictures of you altar. We'd love to see.


Tuesday, February 28, 2017


While this is not a monumental day for most - unlike the celebration of February 29th when we would be honoring Leap Year, today is important for some of us.

The Salem Witch Hunts began on this day in 1692 though History.com lists them as beginning on March 1. And in a way that is true. For it was March 1 when three young girls and a Barbados woman were charged with the practice of witchcraft and the true hunt for other witches was on. Even if History.com is correct, you can bet that the talks of Witch Hunts began long before February 28th as well. 

The whole thing began when the girls began experiencing odd medical symptoms... something people had never seen before. In today's times, we still have new malady's rearing their heads yet no one claims witches. Does this mean we have evolved? Did we learn from past mistakes? 

While in some ways we have, the political atmosphere in our country still reeks of discrimination. And while I am not normally political, I can't help but feel as if we are living in a time of a political witch hunt. Immigrants whom have lived in this country their entire lives now fear of being sent 'back' to a country they have never been. 

As witches, we claim that we have power... and WE DO! We have the power to set an example of Love, Respect, Inclusion. Rather than breed the political disease continuing to spread across our lands, BE the person you want everyone to be. I once had someone say to me. 'I didn't know you were a witch. You're so nice." Thank you? LOL

Remember what today stands for then do everything you can to peacefully stop the hunt.