Tuesday, March 21, 2017


In like a lion... out like a lamb.

I'm not sure where we fall here in the Ozarks. We did have a couple of decent storms early in the month. On the 11th we had our first winter snow storm - yes our first. Our average snowfall per season is 17"... we have had 1.7" And I'm pretty sure we are done.

We've had rain, sleet, hail from pea size to soft ball in some places... but the snow is done for the year.

Potential peach crops were severely damaged by the freeze last weekend as were other budding flowers and plants.

Tulips are coming up though they've not bloomed yet. The daffodils weathered the cold pretty well and the grape hyacinth are filling the bird feeding area. The Cherry Blossom bush doesn't seem the worse for the cold and the sweet scent of the pink clusters are beginning to fill the air.

While grocery shopping last week I bought a bouquet of colored daisies in blue, white, pink and yellow. I will add a picture of them on my altar in the next day or two. I'm still battling this silly head cold and haven't done much that required leaving the recliner.

Yesterday I brought home 12 straw bales to add to the 8 or so I have in the green house. I'm anxious to clear out the decomposed bales from last year and set in the new bales for a new growing season. The composted bales will fill the potato tires and be the base for the flower beds and planters.

How have you welcomed Spring? Link up pictures of you altar. We'd love to see.