Friday, January 27, 2017


No, not this one. I got this image from pixbaby.

However, there is a gorgeous new tarot deck out by Deborah Blake. The Everyday Witch Tarot released this month. I've been waiting for what seems, ever. I've known this deck was in the works but all things extraordinary take time - two years for this deck. You can read about the release on Deborah's January 2nd, post HERE.

Illustrator, Elisabeth Alba did an amazing job of bringing the images to life. And in all that time, the two never met in person until the deck was finished and being shipped. You can see Elisabeth's post about her first meet-up with Deborah HERE. 

I haven't purchased my deck yet, but I'm eyeing a signed edition in Elisabeth's Etsy shop.

Like everything else Deborah Blake puts her name to, she wants the tool to be user-friendly for every level of practitioner.. thus The EVERYDAY Witch.

Llewellyn publications calls this: Charming images pair with simple explanations to make this the go-to deck for anyone seeking to learn or practice the tarot. 

Whether you are familiar with Tarot, never used a deck or looking for a new deck to work with this year, I suggest The Everyday Witch Tarot. 


Monday, January 23, 2017


The weather from coast to coast has been a roller coaster. Less than two weeks ago we were preparing for an ice storm - after having experienced several days in the upper 60s*. The ice wound up being nothing more than rain in my area, while other places had ice up to an inch thick or more. 

This week we've had the upper 60s* again. I spent part of yesterday outside taking pictures of projects I want to work on this year, measuring for flower beds, cleaning kennels before more rain moved in today - and it did with a vengeance - finding it hard to believe I was doing this in late January! I felt like I should be hunting Easter eggs. But then I hunted them in the snow in CO as a child so anything is possible.  We are to have a couple more above average temperature days before we start experiencing normal January weather - as we approach February. How much stock do you take in the ground hog? Personally, at the rate we are going, I'm not holding my breath for an early spring. 

But Earth Mother has a plan. Patience has never been a virtue of mine. I think she is training me. 

Speaking of spring, while out and about yesterday I saw the first nubs of the Naked Ladies, Grandma's Lillies.. whatever you call them. I didn't think to see if the crocus' were popping their little heads yet. I hope they know what they are doing. 

Thankfully, this is an odd numbered year so fruits and vegies will not produce as heartily. I take comfort in that if we do get a killing frost, I won't be out much... and that there is a reason...

Always a reason


Friday, January 20, 2017


You are not seeing things. I did use this jpg on Monday. The image just happens to serve two purposes. Today it's all about the actual planner.

I am a huge planner nut. I've always used a planner in some form and at times more successful than others. This year, my daily planner page includes reminder to not only work out but to meditate. I've added a couple of meditation apps to my phone:

Take A Break - meditation oasis
       You can set this one for a 7-min work break or a 13-min stress relief break
       Sounds include Ocean, Rain, Stream or Music. You can also set for background  noise to                      continue after the break for 5/10/20 min sessions or as a continuous loop.

        The meditation is voice-led and quite relaxing.

The other is Chakra Meditation. Touch the chakra point on the screen and a coordinating zen instrumental plays.

While both apps are free and sufficient as they are, there are in-app purchases available for extras.

The other thing I want to be more mindful of are the Esbbats/ Sabbats. I found fabulous stickers from Wiccan Planners on Etsy. The seller is very nice and even sent an email letting me know she was available if there were challenges with the downloads or I had any questions. Her planner stickers are very colorful and a bright spot in my planner.

The other Etsy shop I purchased from was Persephone's Planner I ordered her Yule planner stickers and she included a free sticker sheet as well as a 10% off my next purchase. I will be ordering from both of these ladies again.

And maybe.. just maybe, with the tools in place I will actually practice my faith on a regular basis.

Do you have any tips you would like to share on practicing your faith in a busy world? I'd love to hear them.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Blessed Walk into 2017!

For the past six weeks I've been doing exactly what the planner suggests. I've been enjoying things like finally taking the time to put the studio in order, pitch some stuff and create cards. As soon as I get an even flow going between my Stampin' Up business and the Marketing Director position I have for Saddlebag Dispatches magazine and Oghma Creative Media, I hope to be doing more personal crafting. Putting my BOS together is first on my list and I also have a couple of needlework projects I want to work on, finally.

We had some spring-like days last week. We even hit 70* a couple of days. I worked around the yard a bit but knew it was too early to disturb ground covers and such. It is still January, after all. This week we've had sleet, ice, cold rains and foggy mists. Wednesday they have us forecast for 60's again.

For now, I'm enjoying the little things outside, such as getting an idea of where I want to plant things come spring, watching my chubby little chipmunk widen the opening to his burrow so he can fit through the hole after he's stuffed his cheeks full of peanuts and sunflower seeds. I swear, he is right out of a Chip & Dale cartoon. Chip is good sized... equivalent to a small Guinea Pig. Then there are the squirrels, the two varieties of woodpeckers and a myriad of bird species.

Last week I made homemade suet cakes.

The critters seem to really like them. The first morning they were all fighting over one small feeder even though I had them hung in two other places around the yard.

If you want the full details on how I made them, please visit my Ozarks Journal blog. 

I start my real job today so getting regular posts here will take awhile. I have a couple for this week, then we'll see how things fair next week as that will follow Bob's first week home. And so it begins....