Wednesday, March 20, 2013


A day of RENEWAL seemed like the perfect time to try and get back into here. I've not meant to stay away, I've just not figured out what to journal here. I guess I need to take my own advice and make a list of LABELS and go from there. So that is my plan beginning next week.

For now, I have to get through the Texas Music Awards this weekend. I've spent the past few weeks spotlight artists nominated for various awards. As time consuming as the spotlighting/ promoting is I know my task is nothing compared to my dear friends, Lucky and Jinelle Boyde, who coordinate the actual Awards as well as running the Texas Music Triangle 24/7.  I send them tons of love and thank the Goddess every day for bringing them into my life. Their friendship has kick-started my foray back into the music business... an area of freelance I gave up almost twenty-five years ago to raise my daughter.

Today, when I would like to have been revamping my Altar to welcome spring, I was stuck on finding one particular item I wanted to complete the layout in my mind.

You know how you get an idea in your head and nothing else seems to work? That's where I am.

When my Altar is set up for the Autumn, I have 4 ceramic, maple leaf-shaped candle plates for my votives at the 4 quarters. For Ostara I wanted something similar. I would be content with round, solid-white plates (only about 3" across at the most) but would be tickled to pieces if I could find ones shaped like 5-petal flowers or tulips. Nope, Nada, not to be found.

I know it's silly but I guess it's the OCD in me that won't let my mind open up to anything else. My step-mom would have called me stubborn :-) Boy do I miss her. Grammy (my 'step' Mom) crossed over in early April of 1996. Doesn't seem possible she's been gone so long but I feel her presence every day.

So to welcome Ostara I had the opportunity to interview a Country Music Legend then take a long nap after a very stressful yesterday. Yes, it is a new beginning.

May the God and Goddess Bless you on this turn of the wheel.
Many Blessings!