Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Preparing for the New Year

As the hummingbirds begin to visit the feeder en mass, I know they're preparing for their trip south. Just in the past week, my feeder has gone from being a buffet for 6 to hosting 11 or more. One in particular is interesting. I've named him Chatters. He is a very sociable bird. Where most are territorial and will run other birds off, Chatters will perch and talk to the others as they feed. Sometimes talking more than he's drinking. I wonder if Mother Nature has scolded him for not preparing for his forthcoming journey?

When they leave, and I suspect it will happen within the next couple of weeks, fall will be right around the cycle. With this final burst of heat and humidity I am so ready for the rustling of leaves, the cooler nights and all the renewed energy I gain.

This past week, I mowed the sacred space and also found someone to tell me what size wire they're using for rock columns here in the Ozarks. I know my pillars will not be ready this year... but a work in progress. But by the time Samhain comes in, I will have a place to celebrate the coming of the new year.

I'll be posting some things over the next few weeks about preparing ritual caskets and being ready for rituals. I hope you'll join me.