Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Merry Meet, everyone!
My year has just slipped away. I was getting back on track until my granddaughters visited for 8 weeks. I have to tell you, this grandma is out of practice chasing an 18 month old 24/7. LOL We had fun but I accomplished ZIP business-wise. After they'd gone, I just could not get back in flight pattern. I've only this past week begun blogging on all my blogs regularly. The only one I've kept up to date is my music blog. I've made some great connections in the music business and I could not afford to let them slide.

I also entered a writing competition in March with Boroughs Publishing Grp. Although I've not been looking at being strictly ePub, I have wanted to work with CEO Chris Keesler for over 15 years. So I dove in and entered. After several weeks of various rounds of judging, I made the finals. My novella, Somewhere Down the Line, is now under contract and the long process of making the story sparkle is under way.

I wrote the rough draft of Somewhere Down the Line in 18 days during NanoWriMo last year. So with a new Nano on the horizon, I've mapped out another story I'd like to submit to Boroughs and am hoping for great progress, though I'm not entertaining the idea of writing the rough as quick as last year's.

In the past I've talked about a book I want to write about being a more organized witch. I've purchased a copy of The Green Wiccan Year: Celebrations, Rituals, Herbal Magic and Kitchen Witchery by Silja. I ordered the book for two reasons. One, I want to see her perspective and hope her process helps get me back on track. Second, I want to make sure that what I have planned for my book does not duplicate what she has done. Really, who can duplicate what Silja does?

I'm hoping as I follow her master plan, I can blog about the process and find my way back on the path.

~ Rain