Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Remember Earth Day!

Although today is the National day to recognize Mother Earth, I'd like to hear how you guys show your respect year round.

I'm making a concious effort to put less into the landfills. I shredd all my paper and use it as mulch and to feed the worms in my worm compost bedding

I unplug appliances not in use, we've switched to those cute little energy efficient bulbs and we are getting back to basics as far as our daily living goes.

Share your tips and tricks for being kind to Mother Earth


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Construction begins

Although my sacred space already exists, there are some things I want to add. From the moment I stepped into the area I envisioned stone columns marking the four points. I saw them to be about 4' high. Each one with a spot to hold the necessary candle and/or incense. I knew I was looking at an expense and thus the reason for the delay in really doing anything beyond upkeep of the space. And then the vision became more clear.

As we tilled parts of the yard for the rose beds/wild flower garden/vegetable areas we turned up LOTS of Missouri rock the size of a man's fist. Some were slightly larger while others were closer to the size of a young adult fist. At first I dreaded the thought of the work involved in removing them from the tilled areas. Then I remembered that around here, many farmers mark their property corners with wire 'barrels' filled with the rock they remove from the property. Hmmmm

So after mowing the area the other day, I decided the time has come. For now, as I remove the rock, I'll pile it to a far East end of the space. When I have enough to support the chicken wire formed into the barrel shapes, I'll begin tossing those and any new rocks into place.

My thought is when the columns are complete, I want to use a smooth mortar mix to create a solid top for placing the magical tools necessary for those points.

The cauldron, hanging from the wrought iron tripod, will be placed in the center over a small fire ring.

The North fence will be lined with Quacking Aspens. I remember these trees as part of my childhood in the foothills of Colorado and was thrilled to find we are still far enough North for them to grow here.

I haven't decided on how to acknowledge the 'gateway' to the sacred space - but outside the circle. It is on the West side of the space. Because the path to the pond also begins here, I want to designate a 'don't go beyond this point' kind of thing so people do not stray into the area, but remain on the path. There are a couple of pine trees there now and I'm considering leaving them.

Do you have a outdoor space? How is it set up?
If you don't have an outdoor space, what would yours look like if you did?

Blessed Be