Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Remember Earth Day!

Although today is the National day to recognize Mother Earth, I'd like to hear how you guys show your respect year round.

I'm making a concious effort to put less into the landfills. I shredd all my paper and use it as mulch and to feed the worms in my worm compost bedding

I unplug appliances not in use, we've switched to those cute little energy efficient bulbs and we are getting back to basics as far as our daily living goes.

Share your tips and tricks for being kind to Mother Earth



novelist in training said...

*hug* Lovely to see you posting again. I have those 'cute little bulbs' too, I recycle pop cans, plastic bottles & grocery bags. Also, I've just about broke myself of running water while I'm brushing my teeth & I'm really trying to remember to unplug chagers when I'm done.

KellyS said...

unplugging chargers and other unused appliances is the one habit I'm having trouble breaking my daughter of. I just keep thinking baby steps as she is being more concious of the other things that need to be recycled.