Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Getting back on track

I always seem to be doing that, don't I?

My pledge for 2012 is to be better on a lot of things.

My organization system was all set up to kick off the new year smoothly. Then somewhere out of the darkness came a sinus infection. I fought it - and won - over the course of 14 days. Now I'm healthy and working tirelessly to get caught up and on track.

One of the things I'm hoping will help keep me on the Spiritual path is to take some classes. My first one in a series begins next week with Deborah Blake. You can read her blog post about it HERE The cost is affordable and being taught by someone I trust.

The first class, Introduction to Modern Witchcraft (and all subsequent classes) will be taught through a Yahoo Group Loop. You can check out the HomePage for all the info and how to sign up. I like classes taught in this format. I've taken a lot of writing courses this way. You can back-read if you miss a day, converse with other classmates on the material and ask questions of the instructor.

As a side note: The above mentioned Yahoo Group is totally separate from the Cauldron Writers Group I've talked about before. The class group is strictly for her workshops.

I'm not taking this particular course because I feel I need it, but because it's the first in what we hope will be a series of classes Deborah will offer over the coming months.

Having taught courses in this venue, I know first-hand how time consuming this is for her. It takes away from her personal life, coven life and business. (Did you know she has some of the most beautiful jewelry you'll ever want to wear?) So I encourage my friends to take the course and get to know this awesome lady. Who knows... there may be a gem of something you didn't know hidden in those magical posts.

Many Blessings