Monday, September 28, 2015

SACRED SPACE - New Indoor Space

As we approach the Turning of the Wheel, I am ready for the rebirth. I am almost completely moved into the new office/ studio. All of my witchy goodness has a permanent home. The new metal and glass altar sits beneath the East facing window. Below the table is a large steamer trunk to house my supplies. The steamer trunk belonged to my mom and has house various things over the years.

Next to my altar I have a new bookcase to house my massive book collection. I will be able to find things and have all my research books at my finger tips (rather than in a separate room of the house).

Finally, my antique wardrobe to house the most often used supplies. This was a treasure find at a consignment auction last year. Although everything else in the space is white, I chose to leave this in the original state though at some point I may recast and replace the decorative pieces that have broken or are gone all together.

I had hoped to have this all in place by Mabon but a fall the day before delayed my progress. But everything is here now, to stay.

How did you celebrate Mabon? Have you changed your altar to coincide with the season? I'd love to hear from you.


Friday, September 25, 2015


By now you know I love a Full Moon. I've always felt as if they recharge me, much like a good thunder storm with lots of wind but in a quieter form.

By Monday morning, the Super Moon will have passed through the lunar phase.  You can get complete information  HERE

If you're up for a cocktail or two, check out the Yahoo Page on creative drinks.  I'm not sure I will be awake to see the show but for the few hours prior when the moon seems close enough to touch I will relish being on a blanket in the back yard being drenched in the glow.