Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shopping Day

Merry Meet and Happy New Year friends

I hope you enjoyed an evening with family and friends from both sides of our world last night. Wasn't the moon beautiful!

If you've not already left the house, today is the day you need to visit your local discount and grocery stores. Traditional Halloween stuff will be marked down. You'll want to focus on candles--black in particular. Pick up as many as you can afford as we'll be placing them in several ritual caskets throughout this journey. Also look at fabrics for altar covers and linens/dishes for table setting. This is the time to begin planning Samhain for future years and future generations.

Something that has gone by the wayside over the past years is the Hope Chest. When shopping for items, consider picking up extras to put aside for your child(ren). Starting your own home can be expensive enough without the added cost of celebration necessities. When passing on your beliefs, pass on the things they need to continue your traditions.

Let us know what kind of deals you find today. And as an added bonus, everyone who posts their shopping experience by midnight (CST) Nov. 2nd will go into a drawing for items you'll want in your Samhain Ritual Casket.

Many Blessings