Friday, January 20, 2017


You are not seeing things. I did use this jpg on Monday. The image just happens to serve two purposes. Today it's all about the actual planner.

I am a huge planner nut. I've always used a planner in some form and at times more successful than others. This year, my daily planner page includes reminder to not only work out but to meditate. I've added a couple of meditation apps to my phone:

Take A Break - meditation oasis
       You can set this one for a 7-min work break or a 13-min stress relief break
       Sounds include Ocean, Rain, Stream or Music. You can also set for background  noise to                      continue after the break for 5/10/20 min sessions or as a continuous loop.

        The meditation is voice-led and quite relaxing.

The other is Chakra Meditation. Touch the chakra point on the screen and a coordinating zen instrumental plays.

While both apps are free and sufficient as they are, there are in-app purchases available for extras.

The other thing I want to be more mindful of are the Esbbats/ Sabbats. I found fabulous stickers from Wiccan Planners on Etsy. The seller is very nice and even sent an email letting me know she was available if there were challenges with the downloads or I had any questions. Her planner stickers are very colorful and a bright spot in my planner.

The other Etsy shop I purchased from was Persephone's Planner I ordered her Yule planner stickers and she included a free sticker sheet as well as a 10% off my next purchase. I will be ordering from both of these ladies again.

And maybe.. just maybe, with the tools in place I will actually practice my faith on a regular basis.

Do you have any tips you would like to share on practicing your faith in a busy world? I'd love to hear them.


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