Monday, February 13, 2017


File picture of the SuperMoon from last year

I meant to post this last week but I've been so busy doctoring the hubby, miserable with a head cold, and trying to get work done before he kindly shared it with me. Guess what I woke up with this morning... and we have a full week ahead of us getting taxes done and one of my contractors coming in next weekend to insulate the office. While Trevor is here, he is also doing the door frame to the office which hasn't been done yet, and the toe kicks on all the cabinets in the house... that were installed over 10 years ago. Bob is great about doing projects... but like his dad, once the project becomes useable then the finishing touches can drag on forever. I knew this about both men but love(d) them anyway. Since I try not to nag, I've just let them go. 

When my Trevor and my other contractor, Ian, were here in November to build the deck and repair the dining room ceiling (Trevor is a drywaller by trade), Trevor noticed the absence of toe kicks and asked. So I contracted him to do the job. Unfortunately, that means I have til Wednesday or Thursday to get the rooms presentable and the floors steamed before he arrives on Friday afternoon. He may bring his wife out with him at some point to meet me. Trevor and I became instant friends when he assisted with the office build and house roofing in 2014. His wife cleans houses for a living. So yeah, I'd like mine to at least be passable. LOL

Okay, back to the moon. Bob was miserable but he kept trying to go out and watch the eclipse. The night air wasn't a good idea but he was excited. He's usually on the boat when Full Moon's occur and we don't get to view them together, let alone an eclipse. Our challenge was that by the time the moon had topped the trees, the eclipse was past.

However, I had such a feeling of Samhain as I viewed the moon through the bare tree branches. So pretty. As I stood beneath the moon's glow I got an idea for my first 'consumable' book that I hope to have on Amazon by August first. I'll give you more details about the book and when you can purchase the journal as I travel the process.

Creative Blessings!

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