Friday, May 20, 2011

What Do I Write About?

What do I write in my journal?

So what do we write about? As you can see, dreams and the messages they carry are great. Some things you might include:

1) Listing areas you want to target in your Spiritual Growth.

2) Journal a Tarot or Rune reading

3) How did I honor Mother Earth today?

4) Bits and pieces of new spells or rituals as they come to you.

5) Books you’ve read – both recreational and on the Path.

6) What did I learn about myself today?

And you can expand on any of these such as exploring the individual areas you want to target, or list ways you can honor Mother Earth.

Maybe you have Goals you want to accomplish on your journey. List them. Then as you take the steps towards those Goals, you’ll have additional things to write about.

GOALS are the important key to any successful trip. Determine what you expect from your Spiritual Journey. Your Goals might include:

1) Regular Altar Time
2) Participating in or attending a Circle Sanctuary gathering
3) Contributing to a Pagan publication or writing your own book.
4) Creating/ updating your BOS
5) Showing respect for the God and Goddess through Service to Others
6) Planting a Healing Garden
7) Writing your first spell or ritual
8) Start a blog about your journey – We’ll link up!

Remember –
Your GOALS are NOT set in stone. They will change as you grow.

Blessings on your journey

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