Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Spiritual Journey

I believe in Serendipity. And when serendipitous moments occur, I get a tingle all through my body. A few days ago I talked about getting back to the basics of the Spiritual side of being Wiccan and that was going to be my main focus here at the Cafe.

A couple days later, two writing friends of mine from IL came down for a long weekend visit. I'd not seen these ladies in over two years and it was such a treat. As we're all three writers, I wanted to take them to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum and Homestead in Mansfield MO for a day-trip. I thought it would be a fun way to spiritually connect with another writer - especially one whose books we'd grown up reading.

After spending several hours wandering the museum as well as touring both the homestead and the Rock House their daughter Rose had built for them, we made our way back into Mansfield to find lunch. There was a really cool used book store on a corner of the square called The Next Chapter- Books on the Square. What a cool name for a store giving new life to books.

Walk in the door and you are greeted - yes greeted with enthusiasm - by 3 cats. They were all of a gray tabby variety, the largest named Beans. I so fell in love with Beans that I never even found out the names of the other two. In my opinion, any store that allows cats as a welcoming committee (or friendly dogs for that matter) is worth investigating.

The place was neat, clean, tidy... like a mini library. All the sections were well-identified and the owners, Shirley Wilki and Sarah Quintana, were knowledgeable about the stock and very friendly. One of my friends, Cheri, found a Julia Cameron book she's been looking to find for some time. I also picked up one of Ms. Cameron's books.

But another book caught my eye...
How To Keep A Spiritual Journal - by Ronald Klug. Although very rooted in Christianity, I've found some valuable gems that can be applied to any Spiritual Journey. I've nearly finished pulling out references and am putting together posts for us to use together.

So here's what I'd like you to think about today. Have you ever kept a journal? Do you still? If not, why not? Did it have a specific theme or just something you rambled in when you needed someone to talk to? What kind was it? Did you use an actual journal? A spiral notebook? A composition book?

Because I want to wait until I've finished going through Mr. Klug's book before I begin, we'll start talking about journals and journaling on Monday. For now, just think about the questions I've asked and we'll talk again soon.

Many Blessings

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