Friday, May 6, 2011

Finally Dry

We have one of the most beautiful nights in the Ozarks we've seen in almost three weeks. For one, it's dry. We've had over 20 inches of rain in the past three weeks - 17 of that in the early 7 days of that period.

But tonight the sky is clear, the stars are bright and there is a beautiful cradle moon. Every time I see the cradle moon my mind goes back to a Fables story book I received as a child nearly 45 years ago (and I still have). I can't see the cradle without seeing the storybook witch in the black dress and pointy hat. In this particular story she was just sitting 'side-saddle' on the moon. I think that is my first memory of a 'witch' and I thought how cool it must be to sit up there and see everything in the world from up there.

I might not sit on the moon but I know if I sit quietly and let the earth talk to me I will see everything I'm meant to.

There is so much to learn if we'll only listen.
Many Blessings

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