Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spiritual Practice

For weeks I’ve been trying to determine the direction I wanted this blog to go.

Initially it was to be a venue for test-running one of the books I have outlined. Then life happened, sidetracking my intentions… and my Spiritual practice.

As life settled around me, I discovered the book isn’t ready to be written. Also, posting any part of it here could be detrimental in it ever seeing publication in paper form as putting it here constitutes ‘publishing’.

With those two things in mind I found myself stuck. I still wanted to keep the blog but what did I have to offer?

Last night, I read an article by Crystal Blanton in the Spring 2011 issue of Circle Magazine. Ms Blanton talks about the Spirituality side of being a Witch. And it hit me. I say I’m a witch but I don’t make the time to consciously practice my faith. I WANT to. I PLAN to. But I don’t MAKE THE TIME.

I don’t want to be a practicing witch who only talks to the God and Goddess on Sabbats. That isn’t ‘living my faith’. I’ve been out of balance. I need to ground myself. Being a witch isn’t something I do. It’s who I AM… inside. I also believe I’m not the only one. With that in mind, I knew where this needed to go.

Practical Practice (part of the working title of my book) isn’t just about ‘being prepared’. It’s also about ‘living the life’.

Some days my posts will seem like nothing more than a peek into my journal. Other days it will be about the more tangible part of being a witch. But I promise it will ALWAYS be about the Spirit in Practice.

Many Blessings

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