Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ritual and Celebration Caskets

Imagine walking over to your magick cabinet, opening the door and pulling out exactly what you need at a moments notice. You are not shuffling among the items on the shelves or in the drawers to find the items you 'just know are here somewhere'. Instead, you take out the shoe box labeled YULE, close the door and continue with your task at hand. How are you able to do this? Because all the essentials you need are in that little box. Granted, there may be some things you'll use that cross the ritual spectrum such as your wand, candle holders, bowl, etc. But inside this little chest you've put together are all the things SPECIAL to your YULE celebration.

I have broken the contents of the Ritual Caskets into three main categories:
Candles & Colors, Scents & Herbs, and Charms & Stones. Detailing the items into categories will also help you on your shopping trips. Placing like items together means you can shop for at least two of the items needed at the same source or location.

If you have a link to a source for any of these items and know of their reputation, please comment. They'll thank you for the promotion they'll receive in the book!

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