Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blessed YULE

I really let the family stuff take me over the last couple of weeks. I've been so focused on trying to clear up end of the year stuff. I finally booked a hotel room for a couple days so I could hide and get into a personal place where all things would come together. So far it's working.

When I've not been scurrying around like a field mouse stocking for winter, I've been reading verociously about YULE and the supplies needed for celebration.

Have you created a YULE log yet? I was hoping to create a tabletop version but decided to err on the side of safety and wait until hubby is home to plane the bottom for me on his table saw. The chain saw or hand saw and I would have gotten along fine, but I didn't want to start the season off minus a finger. So the YULE long will come next season. For now, I'll enjoy the moment with pillar candles.

This book isn't going to be about rituals. There are plenty of those out there written by talented followers of the Craft. I'll even spotlight some of them as we go along and their books will be listed in the bibliography of The Organzied Witch.

Rather, The Organzied Witch is about the essentials we need for rituals and hopefully to prepare ahead of time (unlike this year hehe). As we go along, watch the Shortcuts for Ritual Caskets and you'll be able to pull up those posts.

Many Blessings

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