Monday, December 14, 2009

The Christmas Tarot

I just received the most beautiful set of Tarot. This is not your every day tarot deck. For those of you who love Victorian designs, this set is perfect for you or as a Yule gift.

Author of Tarot for Writers, Tarot specialist Corrine Kenner sent me an email this afternoon with the following note...

I am excited to announce my latest project: a Christmas tarot deck, inspired by the magic of a Victorian Christmas. It's electronic so you can download it in less than a minute. It also comes with a 45-page guidebook that you can read online. For more information visit
Merry Christmas

I checked out the website and fell in love. Of course, that led to purchasing. Normally, this deck will cost $9.99 but during the 2009 holiday season you can download it for only $2.09! Wow!

Not only can you use the deck on-line, but you can use any photo-printing medium of your choice to print a hard copy 4x6 deck. The site even includes printing tips to get a great quality deck to work with.

Please remember to post to Corrine what you think of the deck. I'd love to hear your comments here, too.



Anonymous said...

Thank you, Kelly! I'm glad you like them.

Lis said...

Gorgeous deck! Thanks for posting the link. May have to get these, such a great deal :)

KellyS said...

Glad to help, Corrine. Your work is amazing and your talents endless. May you be blessed in the new year!

KellyS said...

What do you mean, 'may have to get these'? LOL Lis... trust me, you WANT this deck. I've downloaded mine and the deck collectively is amazing! So have you hit the download button yet? hehe