Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Full Worm Moon

It seems like such a short time ago we were celebrating the Full Wolf Moon and here we are into March and the Full Worm Moon. The days are getting longer, the earth is beginning to warm. Warm soil means easier travel for the earth worm and the sign of robins. For a couple days in late February my yard was covered in robins - dozens upon dozens of them. I didn't know until last year that robins are not a migratory bird. I grew up with the impression that the sign spring meant the robins were returning North. When in fact they are here all along! So where do they go in the winter? Do they hibernate?

With the arrival of the warmer days, I am anxious to build my worm composting beds. Since last fall, I've been raising worms in a aerated rubbermade tub in the basement. Now, I want to move them outside and give them more of their natural habitat to munch away at debris and multiply.

Of course, we're suppose to have storms in here tonight. Storm clouds hiding the moon make moon magic so difficult. Maybe when the Full Pink Moon of April rolls around, weather will have improved.

Until next week...

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