Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm so Excited!!!

Even though I didn't have the time to go anywhere on Sat. night, hubby lovingly encouraged I attend a local auction with him. "We won't stay late, I promise. But you really will be happy you went." So, I took time out from packing for a road trip to go. Five feet in the door, he gave something a kick. I looked down to see a large cast iron cauldron. Squeeee!!!!! This puppy will hold about 8 gallons. The entitites were with me as I bid. I got it for an awesome price and I'm so excited. Guess that means I need to get the sacred space cleared. hehe

What have you added to your 'magic closet' recently?

Creative Blessings!


Gypsy said...

That is so AWESOME!

KellyS said...

It is! and for hubby to think of it made it extra special.