Saturday, January 31, 2009


Merry Meet friends.
I'm finally getting a daily routine in place. Today seems the perfect time to begin offering up information.

Imbolc is Feb. 1 at 10 p.m. It is common practice for celebrations to begin on February eve (tonight) and carry through Feb. 2nd.
Imbolc is all about a new beginning. The Crone's grip on winter begins to loosen, preparing the way for the warmth and rebirth of Spring. This is the perfect time for initiation Rites, rededication and purification of self/space/tools. Spring cleaning begins in earnest and inventory of our Magickal supplies begins.

Symbol of Imbolc is the candle and is often referred to as Candlemas. Candles signify the growing strength of the sun and the lengthening of the days. Choose candles in Yellow (sun), Green (Mother Earth), Lavendar and White
Water, and all it's healing power, is also a symbol - recognizing the Celtc deityBrigid and her reputation as a healer . This is a time for healing and rejuvination. Your ritual might include scrying and meditation.

Dress your Alter for the occasion. You might include a crystal bowl with spring water or snow, white flowers or paper snowflakes.
Along with your candles, your incense choices should be cinnamon, Frankincense or rosemary

After ritual and meditation, Feast on Dairy (honoring the season of 'ewes milk and promise of new lambs'), Spicy foods, spiced wines and dishes containing raisins (honoring the sun).

At sunset, light candles or lamps in every window, inviting Brigid to visit.

May your Imbolc bring you peace and the promise of a new beginning

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