Monday, October 3, 2016


As the Aspens begin to fade out west, the Birch in the Ozarks are just beginning to find their color. The Dogwoods are also turning. Rain is in the forecast for the coming weekend when the Dogwoods would be in their glory. I'm hoping for a span of dry weather to enjoy them before the storms beat the leaves from their limbs. 

I've finally completely moved into the studio... in time to enjoy my space as a turn of the wheel begins. 

With the availability of a workable craft space again I've also been itching to create my Book of Shadows. I've always had the idea of what I wanted in the back of my mind and I still have some things to work out but I'm making progress.

One youtuber who's inspired my artistic side is Amethyst. I love her artwork...

One thing about Amethyst's book is the binding. I LOVE the binding. But her pages would have to have started at at least 17" lengths of paper in able to fold them into 8.5 signatures. I have a ream of standard 8.5x11 paper I bought years ago for this purpose. Since then I've learned more about book binding so am needing to figure out the best way to incorporate what I have rather than buying a massive amount of the larger sheets. Though I could buy parchement sheets by the case for about $20 at a restaurant supply and tea-dye the pages. Hmmm... the brain is processing as I type. I'll keep you posted.

I have another I found but am unable to pull her up right now. Silly me, I guess I was so caught up in her video I failed to Like the video so I could find her. And I'm not seeing her on my subscription list either. 

Next week I'd love to have a discussion on whether to 'show & tell' your BOS.
Until then, Creative Blessings!

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