Monday, October 10, 2016


I found her!  Her name is Eden. Here's the first of her videos that I watched. I just like her laid back style.

Eden will celebrate her first Turn of the Wheel this week and I am so happy for her. From the moment you step on the path, an incredible journey of self-discovery begins.

One of the things Eden brings up in this video is about how much, if any at all, of our BOS do we share.  I've heard this discussion surface in the past and am reaching a happy middle. I am blaming the Libra in me ;-)

I think that our BOS can be a very personal, if not the most personal, tool in our craft. And while I would not be comfortable sharing my spells with the world or letting others touch my book, when it comes to the artwork, I hope that I could inspire others as Amethyst and Eden have with theirs.

So what's your take on the Show & Tell of your BOS? I'd love to hear from you
Creative Blessings

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