Thursday, November 1, 2012


Merry Meet, everyone!

What a beautiful evening last night for the first ritual of the new year. Hubby worked earlier in the day to help me set up the hard surfaces marking my area of the yard. As I prepared for the evening, I took mental notes of things that need to be included in the book. I also learned the importance of the book. I've spent time all week making sure I had the necessary supplies lacking in my cupboard. What I failed to do was pull existing items from the cabinet and gather everything together.

Lesson learned - Have a Basics Casket. This will include the candles necessary to mark the quarters as well as the God/ Goddess candles, salt/ water receptacles, bell, snuffer.  I'll actually have 2 sets of these items. One set will remain on my permanent altar in the house and the other set will be kept in a container to be for  outside rituals.

As we turn the wheel towards the Yule season, I have finally found Bayberry candles. They are called a Holiday Bayberry and available through Yankee Candle. Not the least expensive by any means but they are available. However, you're only going to find them during the holiday season, though you might be able to order them on-line throughout the year. The tealights/ votives cost about .99 each. So as we begin preparing for Yule, now is the time to check the Yule Casket.

Blessings on your new year!

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