Saturday, October 27, 2012

On-Line Workshop with author Deborah Blake

Last fall, Miss Deborah asked several of her blog followers the question 'if I over on-line classes, would any of you be interested in taking them?" She also wanted to know what areas would interest us and a price point we'd be willing to pay.  I was one of the first to soundly respond, YES! LOL Not because I think she knows everything (but close) but more in how she delivers the information. I knew her classes would have the same tone as her books. And if you've not read at least one of her books, why not? If for no other reason than to get acquainted with Magic the cat. He's a very important part of her teaching... a teacher's aide if you will.

As a solitary, I've especially appreciated Miss Deborah's time (and her partner, Heather) because it gives me a chance to network with other like-minds. To learn something from the participants and share any information I might be able to add.

I've taken all of her classes this year and wouldn't miss the last one of the season. I feel it's one of the most important for a witch at any level... Celebrating Samhain and Ritual Basics.  Our new year begins on Samhain. What better time to acquaint yourself with ritual basics then as part of your celebration?

The class begins on Monday, October 29th so fly over to the link and swipe your PayPal account for a great three days of networking.

Some of her postings will come from her recent book, Everyday Book of Rituals. Although the book is not a requirement for the class, it's the perfect addition to your library. Consider it a New Year's gift to yourself. ;-)

Many Blessings

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