Monday, July 6, 2015

GARDENING - Strawbale Improvements

Merry Meet, everyone!

Things are looking a bit better in the garden. I thought we were having a lot of rain but according to the garden not so much. These were taken a couple of weeks ago between rainy days. The potato plants are improving. The reds are even beginning to flower. The sweet potatoes (bottom right corner) are coming along nicely.

I took this picture of the cucumber plants (picking cukes are taller than the salad cukes) right after my mother-in-law helped me tie them up. Then I turned on the soaker hose. As you'll see next week, they were very happy for the drink.

First sign of banana peppers. Still not so much as a blossom on the bell peppers though.

The cherry tomatoes are looking pretty pathetic. The plants look healthy, just not producing much. I'm thinking aside from water, I am going to have to break down and feed. I've never had to feed my plants before but strawbale gardening is a totally different way of doing things.

I have peas! While these are nothing to really crow about, and will make better bunny food, I am pleased to see them producing. I will plant a fall crop and they will be much happier.. as will the green beans:

Regular tomatoes, both the Amish Paste and the Big Boys are growing nicely. I am seeing fruit on the Amish Paste. I'm sure the Big Boys will produce when they are ready...

I'll have pictures of the cucumbers I've picked next week. Was all set to make bread and butter pickles this morning (Sunday) to find I didn't have any celery seed. So that's on my list for Monday.

How is your garden doing? Too much rain? Not enough? Too hot?
Share your ups and downs with us.


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