Monday, February 17, 2014

PREPPING - What it means?

Where's there? The end of February. Silly groundhog saw fit to run from his shadow. I'm tired of cold, dreary, wet, cold, ice, - did I mention COLD? Even with the temp at 40* right now, I can't seem to shake the damp chill. Might have something to do with the north wind and drizzle we had this morning.

As we experience all this snow, ice, drizzle I am amazed they consider us under a Burn Ban. They are also forecasting a dry summer. So I've been filling water and juice jugs. My 2 rain barrels are beyond full. I'm hoping we can get the slab poured for the caged water tank down in the orchard so I can siphon off the two barrels down there and start over with new spring rains.

Making sure I have water for my plants this summer is just one of the many things I've begun looking at under the category of PREPPER. Prepping is nothing new. For generations people knew how to plan for a 'rainy' day. They kept their food stock in root cellars for long winters when what they preserved might be all they had to carry them til spring and the next harvest. How many families prepared for 'the big bomb', creating fallout shelters in their backyards (remember the movie Blast from the Past)

But over the past few years, 'prepping' has taken on a whole new meaning. Some people have extended prepping into 'survivalist' - preparing for everything imaginable. From my point of view, I am looking at being prepared for natural disasters - not the end of the world. Several months ago I found a book called. THE PREPPER'S POCKET GUIDE - 101 Easy Things You Can Do To Ready Your Home For A Disaster.

You can get the book for Kindle - $9.39 or hard copy for $10.66. I paid $12.95 at Barnes & Noble and in my opinion worth every penny.  Bernie Carr breaks things down into manageable steps to prepare for everything from dealing with a power outage for a few days to 'who knows how long this will last' scenarios. They are all basic practices we should be doing - Common Sense stuff.

An example is to have a hard copy of your contacts list. We live in a digital age and we think everything is in our phone. But what if your phone dies but you have access to an emergency calling station? Will you remember the phone number of someone you need to contact? Your insurance agent for instance? Or a loved one to let them know you are okay?

Disasters like tornadoes and floods will knock you off your game - if you are NOT prepared.
My plan over the next few weeks is to share some of Bernie's tips with you as I put my own Prepper Plan into action.

In the mean time, I recommend getting the book and putting your own Disaster Relief Plan into action.


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