Monday, April 1, 2013

APRIL FOOLS! - It's a good day!

Okay, the 'good' depends on your perspective. Mother blessed us with a beautiful day despite the forecast. My Great Pyreneese, Bear, came in the house voluntarily for the first time. That usually only happens if there is lightening and thunder. Said Bear dog was intimidated by my familiar, Spirit. Spirit trapped Bear in the bedroom and wouldn't let him out. LOL Too funny. After a second round of intimidation at my feet in the dining room, Bear decided he'd go back outside.

Events following this included locking myself out of the house. The result, breaking into the bathroom window. The ONLY window in the house NOT a replacement window. Thankfully that meant the glass would break. Unfortunately, it also means my dear adorable husband has an actual honey do list... and replacing window panes rank right up there with painting walls/ trim. So blessed he loves me LOL

All of this is followed by Spirit presenting me an example of the size animal he would permit in the house in the form of a brown mouse.

With this final act I decided it was time to run away from home for the day. So here I sit in my favorite coffee bar, HEROES COFFEE in West Plains enjoying a fluffy and getting caught up on work without any distractions.

All of this on the heels of what was a magickal numeric day yesterday. Of course I realized the date too late in the day to hop on here. 3/31/13. Of all the coincidental numerations we've had this year, this one attached itself to me for some reason. The numbers will not leave my head. Care to share your thoughts as to why? I'd love to hear them!

Many Blessings
~ Rain

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