Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Toy

When I visited a friend, Curt's creative blog this morning and saw his Halloween Count down, I knew I had to have one for this blog.

If you click on the link below the countdown pic, you'll see a variety of themes and occasions to pick from. I like the full moon and tree from Curt's blog but I just had to have the cauldron on here. We are the Cauldron Cafe, after all hehe

The air has a crispness to it and it's beautiful here in the Ozarks. I know after the grandtoddler goes back home and hubby heads back to the boat next week, I'll be spending lots of time outside. It's my favorite weather for working around the property.

I'm also hoping to start a needlework project around Samhain. I'll post a link in a few days.

How are your plans for Samhain coming along? How do you celebrate our new year?

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