Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Organized Witch - the Basic Tools

One of the things I'll be focusing on is preparing Ritual Caskets. If you don't already know, Ritual Caskets are baskets/boxes/containers that hold all of the basics for a specific ritual or ceremony.

We will discuss the contents for each Ritual Casket as we go along. You might find some information for materials you hadn't been aware of. To create Ritual Caskets, I'm suggesting those plastic shoe boxes you find at discount stores for under $1. Most are clear and have a snap-on lid. You're also going to want to create labels for them. You can use your printer and rubber stamps and get as artistic as you want. Make them yours!

The neat thing about Ritual Caskets is they are portable. You won't have to go through your entire supply cabinet to pull out what you need. If you're doing a Full Moon, pull out the casket already filled with those supplies.

The other thing you'll learn as we go is that some things you'll need in your caskets are only available at specific times of year. Unless you have access to a candle shop, for example, have you ever tried finding a black candle in July? What if you plan to do a banishing spell? Do you have everything you need?

Beginning with Yule preparation, we'll start talking about each Ritual Casket two weeks ahead of time. We'll discuss the contents, possible suppliers and Ritual content. This will give you plenty of time to shop for supplies. If you have a supplier you work with and recommend, please share them here. I'm looking for suppliers to share but want to provide quality to my readers.

Remember the 'Harm None' creed. Please don't post negative comments about someone or place. If someone posts a recommendation and you've had problems with, please email me off-list - so I might follow-up in private.

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