Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Getting it Written!

Most of you have seen my signature line I borrowed from a friend.
~ Don't get it right - Get it Written! ~

This statement is what Nano is all about. Turning off the internal editor and just taking the dictation from the characters. We might not like what they have to say or where they lead us, but we write it down anyway. Through their ramblings they can also take us to unexpected places. Follow them--even if it isn't where you intended to go. Let them show you their world. If you don't like it, you don't have to go back--except to maybe cut it come NanoEdmo in March.
Even if you don't think it fits right now, you might later find it's just the ticket you needed to make this journey a success.

My characters did this to me yesterday. I knew there would be some turning point where Faith would toss aside her resolve to save herself for marriage. I didn't think in terms of what it would be until I listened.

Scribbling away madly in the local KFC/Taco Bell with country music on the Sirus radio I wrote down everything both Dallas and Faith had to say -- to discover seeing Dallas with another woman is just what Faith needs to send caution to the coast and give herself to another man on a whim. It is the first catapult into the twisted plot of H/H separated - rejoined again.

Take time today to listen to your characters. We learn so much when we listen to what others have to say.

Creative Blessings

~ Don't get it right - Get it Written! ~

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